Meeting & Greeting International Visitors

Our visitors now come from right across the world and when you’re working in the tourism industry it’s important to know how to receive international visitors to your region.

We all of exceptions of how we like to be treated when we are visitors and I am sure we have all experienced disappointment at how we were treated when abroad. Quite often the disappointment was due to differences in culture in meeting and hosting visitors. This workshop helped those in the frontline on the tourism industry to look at how the different cultural ways of meeting and greeting. First impression count!

A satisfied customer will return and will spread the word and word of mouth is one of the best recommendation for any business.

The workshop looked at how to consider different cultural perspectives in:
Greetings, names
How to be clear in communication: Plain English signs, information, rules and regulations
The impact of volume, tone of voice, pace of speech and different interpretations of smiling, emotion, humour
Perceptions of status, role and gender
Personal space, eye contact
Dress and appearance
Direct and indirect communication
Listening: active and non active
Time: decision making, meals, arrival & departures

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